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Why West Marine

Committed to achievement

We exist to help people have fun. Nobody (well, almost nobody) actually needs to own a boat. Which means that most of our Customers own boats because they want to have fun. Whether they're fishing, racing, tubing, waterskiing, or just out for a quiet cruise, our Customers are committed to having a good time. We're serious about helping them do just that, but we think it's OK to have some fun ourselves while we do!

We're authentic. Our founder, Randy Repass, started West Marine by selling rope to fellow sailing enthusiasts out of his garage in Sunnyvale, CA. Because he's a boater himself, he understood what boaters needed, so he kept looking for better ways to provide it and more of what they wanted. His goal was, and still is, to serve Customers better, not to become the biggest. But by focusing on our Customer's needs, we managed to become the biggest, too.

We share a common mission. Our Mission Statement spells out why we're in business, how we conduct ourselves and what our goals are. So everyone on our crew knows what we're committed to achieving and how we will go about it. We recognize, encourage and celebrate the fact that each of us brings something unique that helps to make us a better, stronger Company and, not incidentally, that diversity also helps to make us an infinitely more fun and stimulating place to work. A vital part of our success is that all Associates are important contributors to Company efforts. Our forward-looking initiatives and Company-wide endeavors are clearly communicated to all Associates, new and seasoned alike, so we can meet and exceed our goals as a team.

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