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Why Work at West Marine

Careers at West Marine
Why West Marine

Your career can really go places!

Where do you want to go? If you're ready to pitch in, grab a line and help set a course for new horizons, we want to talk to you. We're already the nation's largest boating supply retailer, and there are so many new places we can go! Our goal has always been to be the best at understanding--then meeting--our customer's needs. And because those needs are continuously evolving and changing, West Marine is, too! We believe that the soul of adventure is in the willingness to face challenges, even when the outcomes can't be guaranteed.

We're committed to growth—both ours and yours. Every business says it, but what's the realistic potential for them to grow? Well in our case, while we're already the nation's largest boating supply retailer (by a long way, thank you), the majority of U.S. boaters don't shop with us--yet! And worldwide, the potential is clearly enormous. So our potential to grow is literally as vast as the oceans, which means that yours is, too!

The better the crew, the faster we sail. What does it take to become a superstar on our crew? In addition to your unique skills, enthusiasm will help you to stand out. We've found that people who love what they do tend to do it extraordinarily well. No, we don't insist that you smile all the time. But when you're excited about what you're doing, smiles come naturally.

Your skills make real differences. We've been around since 1968. Long enough to know there's more than one way to do just about everything. Winning skippers want as much input from the crew as they can get. And once the skipper chooses a course, each member of the crew contributes their special skills and works together to eke out every possible bit of speed from the boat. If you understand that analogy, you understand what it takes to become world-class.

Achieve! Our past success is the result of many talented, dedicated Associates and West Marine is determined to acknowledge and reward those talents. Our total rewards package includes progressive pay programs and comprehensive benefits. Boaters and outdoor enthusiasts love our associate discounts and pro-deals and everyone is passionate about our company wide quality of work life programs which sustain our great place to work.

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