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About BlueFuture®

Blue Future

Our commitment to the environment, to marine habitats and to the sport we love

We!re more committed than ever to finding new ways to do even more.Our customers love being out on the water and so do our Associates. At West Marine we know that our personal enjoyment and business success is dependent upon healthy oceans, waterways, and fish stocks. Reducing our impact on the environment, improving marine habitats and fisheries and growing the sport of boating is what BlueFuture is all about. We support a BlueFuture in our daily operations by reducing our own carbon footprint year after year; by offering our customers environmentally preferable products; and by focusing our giving on youth boating and the marine environment. We also take good care of our Associates and make sure our prosperity grows, to round out the “People, Planet, and Prosperity” dimensions of sustainability.

This year, West Marine was named in Forbes’ Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies, out of 8000 publicly traded companies. These businesses were called “models of openness and integrity,” which have consistently demonstrated transparent and conservative accounting practices. We are very proud to be included in this qualitative and quantitative analysis.

What is BlueFuture?

BlueFuture encompasses West Marine’s company-wide efforts to do what we can to make the world a better place; focusing on Sustainability in all its forms, protecting and improving marine environments, assisting in communities where we live and work, and helping bring the passion for boating to more people.

There's a lot to do!

The challenges we all face in creating a more sustainable future are huge and ongoing. Our efforts are, at best, just small steps that are taking us in the right direction. But with that said, we believe that we can all win when we embrace the BlueFuture.