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Grants & Sponsorships

Grants & Sponsorships

BlueFuture encompasses West Marine’s company-wide efforts to do what we can to make the world a better place. Our approach is multi-faceted, with our grants focused on working with anglers to enhance fish stocks and supporting youth boating programs.

As part of our Blue Future initiatives, we offer both Grants and Sponsorships at West Marine. Please see below information regarding the programs available, with application and critical deadline information.

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Youth Boating Grants

Youth Boating

Children are both the future of boating and, potentially its greatest beneficiaries as experiences in boating teach many life skills. As boaters, we encourage youth to enjoy boating as a recreational activity that's both fun and educational, and we have made youth boating a primary focus of our grants and sponsorship programs. Boating can teach crucial life lessons ranging from responsibility and sportsmanship to the pleasures of being outdoors and the need to take care of our precious environment.

The youth boating grant application period for 2014 has closed.

Marine Conservation Grants

The 2014 Marine Conservation Grants are focused on projects that enhance fish populations including: (1) engaging anglers in data collection, (2) enhancing marine habitats, and (3) educating anglers about barotrauma. We believe that all recreational fishing groups and marine conservation groups that put our marine resources first need to work together for their common goals, to collaborate for healthy fishing environments.

The marine conservations grant application period for 2014 has closed.


Thank you for thinking of West Marine. Our Sponsorship Program application period for 2014 has closed.  2015 Program materials will be available Q4 of 2014.

With stores in more cities and towns across the country than any other marine business, we are privileged to partner through our Sponsorship Program with many wonderful community organizations. West Marine Sponsorships processes hundreds of applications each year and are committed to supporting the communities that encourage boating participation, catch and release fishing tournaments, and safe boating so that future generations will be able to enjoy our beautiful waterways.

We wish you success with your event this year and in the future!