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Marine Environment

Marine Environment

As boaters, have a vested interest in maintaining our waterways and ensuring that they remain ecologically viable for future generations. Through West Marine's own efforts and by working together with like-minded organizations across the country, we're helping to preserve of our fragile saltwater and freshwater ecosystems. We know there's a lot to do. But by working together, we can all help to create a BlueFuture®.


Lots of products sold to boaters have done harm to the environment. So we've moved aggressively towards developing and selling products that reduce negative impacts. Whether it be our own Pure Oceans line of maintenance products (that have already reduced the amount of chemicals of concern going into the marine environment by hundreds of thousands of pounds), to less harmful packaging, to funding (with a $10,000 first prize) an industry competition for suppliers to create more environmentally-friendly products, we believe our responsibility as the world's largest boating equipment supplier is to move the industry towards a future with products that are less harmful to the environment.

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Use these tips to minimize your impact on the environment while maximizing the efficiency and performance of your boat. These suggestions can help to reduce pollution and lower your fuel consumption.

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