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Cruising Journals - Randy Repass

The Journals penned by Sally-Christine appealingly describe the many delights, unique experiences, personal feelings as well as worries and frustrations of cruising in the South Pacific. Along with our now eleven year old son Kent-Harris, Sally-Christine and I have been exploring the South Pacific for three seasons aboard “Convergence”. The interactions with "one of a kind" island residents and international cruisers have given us unique insights into these fascinating and adventuresome people.

I write about the more technical aspects of cruising, including the design of on board systems, the boat itself, and the whys of product selection. As chairman of West Marine, I have access to virtually any marine product. The key however, is to be out here really "product testing" ourselves. I wanted the systems aboard our new performance blue water cruising boat to be reliable, easy to operate and maintained by one person. When building our boat “Convergence”, I chose what at the time I thought would meet those goals.

I write about what worked and what didn't. Including changes (both aboard and at West Marine) made as a result of what has turned out to be a three year (2004, 2005, 2006) "shakedown" cruise through the South Pacific. As a result of our product trials and tribulations we have set up the email address to collect both positive and "constructive" product comments.

October 2006
Randy Repass - Founder

Randy Repass

Founder & Chariman

  • West Marine was founded by Randy Repass in 1968 in his Sunnyvale, California garage.

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