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Cruising Journals - Randy Repass

2007 South Pacific Journals Notes From The Pacific penned by Sally-Christine Rodgers, appealingly describes the delights and realities of cruising. She shares unique experiences, exotic locations and interactions with "one of a kind" island residents and international cruisers which give unique insight into these fascinating places and adventuresome people. Along with their now twelve year old son, Kent-Harris,Randy Repass, Founder and Chairman of West Marine and Sally-Christine have been exploring the South Pacific for four seasons aboard their 65’ performance passage-maker "Convergence".

Life dreams, like having a child or exploring the Pacific, are strange animals; they claw at you until you acknowledge their need to become a reality.

Thus, we begin the fourth season of our family's life dream, sailing in the Pacific aboard our 65-foot, wish-bone rigged, cat-ketch Convergence. We named the boat Convergence in recognition of the coming together of ideas that compose this fast, easy- to-sail and comfortable yacht. Convergence continues to teach us new things about sailing and allows us to learn more meaningful things about ourselves. In part due to the antics of our red-headed, twelve-year-old son, during our years in the Pacific we have never been bored. The moments of fear - and there have been several - do diminish with the passage of time. And as with giving birth, no matter how much you read and prepare, cruising remains your own personal experience that is unique and life-changing in ways you never imagine.

Our experience of the Pacific, in spite of the influence of airborne tourists, cruise ships and satellite dishes, is that remote beautiful places do exist, remarkable encounters with wonderful people are frequent, and ancient traditions remain enchanting. Each place leaves an indelible imprint. The deepest magic though is sharing these adventures and thousands of miles of blue-ocean sailing as a family. In Notes From The Pacific, we hope you will enjoy our perspectives, adventures and experiences afloat and that they will encourage your own life dreams into a reality.

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Randy Repass - Founder

Randy Repass

Founder & Chariman

  • West Marine was founded by Randy Repass in 1968 in his Sunnyvale, California garage.

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