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West Advantage FAQs

What is the relationship between West Marine and BoatU.S.?

West Marine and BoatU.S. are partners, your BoatU.S. number will be the same as your West Advantage Gold Rewards member number. If your BoatU.S. Membership expires, you will automatically become a West Advantage Silver Member

What is the difference between My Account and the West Advantage Rewards Membership Account?

My Account is your online account for From the “Sign In/Register” screen, you can sign in to your account or register if you do not have an online account.

West Advantage Rewards is West Marine’s Loyalty program. Click here for a full list of the benefits.

The difference is, your account online is your Customer Account on used for placing orders, tracking orders, keeping a wish list and an address book, and allowing you to opt in and out of mailings and emails. The West Advantage Rewards Membership is our loyalty program giving you special offers throughout the year, discounts, and reward certificates earned simply by making a purchase. Click here for a full list of the benefits.

How do I know if My Account on recognizes my West Advantage Rewards Membership?

First, sign in using your email and password. Once signed in, click the Update Your Account Info link at the top right. This will take you to your personal information page. At the top right side of the page, you will see a box labeled West Advantage Rewards, and below that your Member Number will be displayed. If you see your West Advantage Rewards member number filled in, you're all set. If this area is blank, you will need to enter your membership number and click the submit button. If you do not know your membership number, please call 1-800-BOATING.

How can I access my West Advantage options online?

Click the “Sign In/Register” link at the top right of the West Marine header. This will bring you to the sign on page for West Advantage. Once signed in, you will automatically be taken to your My Account page. In the center of the page, you will see your West Advantage Rewards links. These include:

  • Learn More
  • View Point Balance
  • View/Print Certificates
  • Update my membership number

If you do not see these links, please call 1-800-BOATING.

How do I update my personal account information online?

Click the “Sign In/Register” link at the top right of the West Marine header. This will take you to your account, under the option My Info there are several options to update your personal information that include:

  • Change your password
  • Update personal details
  • Update your email
  • Manage my marketing preferences
  • Update my boating information

How do I View/Print Rewards Certificates?

Click the “Sign In/Register” link at the top right of the West Marine header. This will bring you to the sign on page for West Advantage Rewards. Once signed in, you will see the My Account page. Under West Advantage Rewards click “View Point Balance” or “View/Print Certificates.” If you do not see these links, click “update my membership number.” This will take you to the “manage your membership page.” Here you can update your membership number. If you do not know your membership number or have any questions, please call 1-800-BOATING.

When will I receive my rewards certificates?

Certificates are generated five times a year. Certificates will be mailed by the end of the month that they are created in. If you would like to receive your certificates as soon as they are available you may print them from When you print out your reward certificates you could still get the printed certificates when they are mailed out. Soon you will be able to opt out of mailing certificates so you can print them yourself and have them sooner.

My points value is showing zero? I have purchased items in the last couple of months.

When certificates are generated, points are automatically removed. If you have zero points and zero certificates please contact 1-800-BOATING.

How do I redeem my West Advantage Rewards Certificates?

Reward Certificates may be redeemed for qualified purchases made in west Marine stores, calling 1-800-BOATING, or online at Rewards have no cash value, no change will be given. Certificates cannot be applied to prior purchases, non-merchandise purchases, purchases made by Associates at Associate pricing, port supply purchases, or as payments towards credit card, insurance, financing or other non-Merchandise services. West Marine reserves the right to change this list of exclusions any time, for any reason, without prior notification.

Do West Advantage Certificates Expire?

Yes, certificates are valid for one year. An expiration date is printed on all West Advantage Rewards Certificates.

Can lost rewards certificates be replaced?

Yes, you may reprint your lost reward certificates from Expired reward certificates may be reissued by calling 1-800-BOATING.

To access your reward certificate(s), follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Under West Advantage Rewards on the right hand side of the page, click the “View/Print Certificates” link.
  • Click “View” to open each individual certificate that you want to redeem.
  • Click “Print this Page” to print your rewards certificate and bring into your West Marine store location. To redeem online, enter the certificate code at checkout.