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Women's Siren Shorty Wetsuit

This item is no longer available.

All Gill wetsuits are designed specifically for dinghy sailing. The Siren Shorty uses cutting-edge materials and has been constructed to maximize flexibility and movement. Wear generated through contact with the boat has been kept to a minimum through the use of high-tenacity materials.

  • 3/2mm
  • Flatlock construction
  • Comfortable collar set up with loop Velcro neoprene for superior neck seal and micro-teeth grab-tab on neck adjustor
  • TPM gravel skin on upper arms for durability and reduced wind-chill
  • TPM C-Mesh neoprene on the upper torso preserves core body temperature by reducing wind-chill
  • Glide-skin collar, cuff and thigh seals
  • X4 Flex panels
  • Di-Guard seat for added protection on decks
  • Inside key pocket