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Field Guide to Ocean Animals Clearance

Field Guide to Ocean Animals

Model # 15004666 | Mfg # PGW022

This item is no longer available.

Embark on an underwater adventure as you explore the Great Barrier Reef! Follow the trail of the ocean's most magnificent creatures, including the powerful gray reef shark, the graceful-yet-deadly man-of-war, and the paralyzing blue-ringed octopus. Join marine biologist, Warren Wilmott, on his expedition and learn why the sea wasp is one of the deadliest creatures swimming in our oceans today and why red lionfish sometimes swim upside down. Filled with incredible animal photographs, maps, interesting information and detailed illustrations, this guide will transport you to another world! Let the adventure continue by assembling 8 different animals stored inside the pockets of each page and setting up the diorama included for a stunning display. Includes 64 pieces to assemble 8 ocean animals. An exquisite removable diorama creates a realistic setting for your 3-D animals! Leap into an interactive journey through the ocean and learn about exotic animals and their habits.
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Author: Phyllis Perry
  • ISBN-13: 9781592237180
  • Publisher: Silver Dolphin

Field Guide to Ocean Animals

Author Phyllis Perry
Dimensions 8.70 Inches x 10 Inches x .80 Inches
Features Hardcover
Pages 32
Type Children's Books