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Maritime History of Baja California Clearance

Maritime History of Baja California

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Product Description

Visits by Spanish explorers including Ulloa, Cortes, and Cabrillo, add to the rich history of the peninsula. History of each harbor is brought up-to-date with photos and information on the many U.S. military ships, including the “Great White Fleet,” to call at these ports.

  • Most important harbors and anchorages of the Baja California peninsula by charts, maps, satellite imagery, and photos
  • Chronological order by most important ships to have touched that anchorage
  • Entradas of the mission ships, otter hunters, and whalers described
  • Ships of the U.S. Navy and their assaults on San Jose del Cabo, La Paz, and MulegeĀ  are recorded

Author Edward W. Vernon became interested in the missions of Baja California while on a trip to the peninsula. A resident of Santa Barbara, he is retired from the precision optics equipment industry.


Maritime History of Baja California

Author Edward W. Vernon
Dimensions 8.80 Inches x 11.40 Inches x 1.20 Inches
Features Hardcover
Pages 307
Type Nonfiction