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VILLAGE MARINE TECSTW-400 Watermaker 400 GPD, Semi-Modular, 110/60/13 V/Hz/Amp


STW-400 Watermaker 400 GPD, Semi-Modular, 110/60/13 V/Hz/Amp

Model # 12791752Mfg # 90-8203


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Product Description

Racor VMT Stowaway Series Watermaker

Fresh water independence for pleasure boats and commercial applications.

  • 400-800 GPD Stowaway Series STW reverse osmosis watermakers are rated to produce from 400 to 800 gallons of fresh drinking water per day (1.5-3.0 m3 / day) and are capable of 24/7 operation if necessary. • Triplex Titanium Pump Exclusive titanium pump head is impervious to seawater corrosion. Shock-mounted pump and motor minimize noise and vibration.
  • Automated Operation Remote control panel and touch-screen controller for easy operation. Controller displays purity of product water output, temperature and total operation hours for accurate service logging.
  • Continuous Quality Monitoring System continuously monitors water quality and automatic diversion valve diverts water to discharge when water quality drops below acceptable standards.
  • Reusable Pre Filter Racor pre filter that filters salty water before it passes through the pump or across the R.O. membrane is reusable and can be flushed for 3-5 uses before discard.
  • AquaPro® Membranes AquaPro® thin film composite reverse osmosis membranes deliver high salt rejection while maintaining high production rates to obtain the energy efficiency demanded by plant operators.