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Power-Assisted Outboard Steering System


Model # 15696743 | Mfg # MD32-2F
Ships directly from the vendor

MasterDrive™ Power-Assisted Outboard Steering System delivers fingertip control regardless of speed or torque conditions. With installation similar to conventional manual hydraulic system, the MasterDrive™ eliminates torque at the steering wheel, yet the system maintains functional manual hydraulic steering override in the event of a loss of power.

  • Steering type: 32cc front-mount helm
  • Engine capacity: 600hp (non counter-rotating); 700hp (counter-rotating)
  • Cylinders: Silversteer™ UC128-SVS starboard & UC128/P-SVS port
  • Helm displacement: 1.95 cu in (32cc)
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Included equipment: UPMD, UCMD and a front mount
  • Steering wheel: 16" maximum diameter
  • Steering wheel shaft: 3/4" tapered shaft
  • Warranty: Two years