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Quick Guide: Using VHF & SSB Radio


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Limited availability.
Model # 5321898 | Mfg # 0071437681

By Robert J. Sweet. Find essential information you need fast! Convenient, laminated guides from expert authors like John Rousmaniere and Nigel Calder offer boaters a speedy, easy-to-read onboard reference to subjects ranging from VHF and GPS operation to boating etiquette and knot tying. Concise tutorials reduce time spent searching through exhaustive manuals. 16 color pages offer an easy format for instant answers to your questions at sea. Folds to just 4" x 9". Hinged, laminated construction for waterproofness and durability.

Quick Guide: Using VHF & SSB Radio

Author Robert J. Sweet
Dimensions 4 Inches x 9 Inches
Pages 14
Type Navigation