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WOW SPORTS Aqua Treadmill 3 Person Float

Model # 14807234Mfg # 13-2030

Orig. $399.99

Now  $299.88

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Product Description

It took over 20 years for this brilliant yet simple idea. Many companies have sold inflatable water capsules over the years, but none of these products could actually move very much on the water. The brilliant idea with is the patent pending sprocket system used on the Aqua Treadmill. The sprockets turn this inflatable water tube into a human powered vehicle that enables you to move across the water at speeds up to 10mph. You can also steer by putting all of your weight on one side or the other. Once you get tired of moving around you can use the Aqua Treadmill as an inflatable floating island with shade. A see-through construction for the body of the Aqua Treadmill was used so you can see where you are going. Who knew so much could be done with an inflatable tube. A high profile with bright colors makes the Aqua Treadmill highly visible on your favorite body of water. Everyone will want one once they see what it can do. One of the best inflatable water toys on the market.


  • 1-3 person inflatable human powered vehicle for the water
  • 80 x 80 x65 " Inflated size
  • 48" high center cockpit
  • Steerable
  • 8 drainage ports
  • Grommet with 10 foot of rope for tying off
  • Cushioned cockpit makes a great covered lounge
  • High profile and bright colors for easy visibility in the water


Aqua Treadmill 3 Person Float

Characteristics Portable
Compatibility Tether Attachment
Dimensions 6'8" Diameter x 5'5" Depth
Features Steerable
8 Drainage Ports
High Profile
Material Vinyl
Type Island