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Women's SuperWarm Skiff Suit

This item is no longer available.

If you sail in cold water then get this suit. As a long john suit it has flexibility to be combined with the technical tops for various temperature conditions. In the super cold, combine it with the SuperWarm top. This may eliminate the need to ever wear a dry suit again.

The new ZhikSkin SuperWarm material is specially made for the Zhik suits, and it is quite simply the ultimate in neoprene available. We have combined the water repellent Hydrophobic high quality outer shell with a super stretchy neoprene, and layer of titanium and a layer of MicroFleece. All four layers build the total solution of weather protection, temperature insulation, reflective inner layer and thermal base layer. All in one material.

If you need to take a pee between races, then bust open the Loo Rip. No need to take the suit off and freeze to death. This Loo Rip feature works in both the mens and ladies suits.