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Grill Mounts


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Single Adjustable LeveLock Rod Holder Mount


Pedestal Mount for Magma Rectangular Gas & Electric Grills


Magma Marine Kettle Grill All Angle Round Rail Mounts

From  $57.99

Magma Grill Dual-Horizontal Mount for Round Rail

From  $72.99

Magma Marine Kettle Grill Pow'r Grip Fish Rod Holder Mount


Magma Grill Single-Horizontal Mounts for Round Rail

From  $49.99

Power Grip LeveLock Double Locking Rod Holder Mount


Dual Flush Deck Socket Table Mount, Locking


Magma Marine Kettle Grill Square Rail/Bulkhead Mount


Magma Marine Kettle Grill Collapsible Shore Stand


Single Side/Bulkhead or Square/Flat Rail Mount for Magma Rectangular Grill


Dual Extended Horizontal Round Rail Mounts for Magma Rectangular Grill

From  $94.99

Single Flush Deck Socket Mount for Magma Rectangular Grill


Magma Marine Kettle Grill Pedestal Mount


Dual Bulkhead or Square/Flat Rail Table Mount


Viewing 1-15 of 31 items