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Metal Plumbing Fittings

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Brass Male Pipe-to-Hose, NPT

From  $3.39

Spin-On Installation Fittings

From  $4.99

Bronze 90-Degree Street Elbows

From  $8.99

Bronze Square Head Plugs, NPT

From  $3.69

Bronze Hex Bushings

From  $2.77

Bronze Tee Fittings

From  $8.99

Brass Female Garden Hose-to-Barb Fittings

From  $8.99

Brass Threaded Nipples, NPT

From  $2.77

Red Bronze Couplings

From  $4.77

Brass Male Garden Hose-to-Barb

From  $9.99

Brass Female Pipe-to-Hose, NPT

From  $4.49

Brass Hex Bushings, NPT

From  $3.77

Bronze Couplings

From  $7.79

Bronze 90-Degree Elbows

From  $8.29

Viewing 1-15 of 20 items