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Norseman Swageless Eye Terminals

Model # P002_065_006_505 | Mfg # N010-M0308
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May be hand fitted without the use of special tools. Simply slip the body of the terminal over the full diameter of the cable. Unlay the outer wires and fit the cone over the center core. Re-lay the outer wires. Ease the ends of the wires into the head of the fitting. Draw the body up to the head and screw together.

Norseman terminals are known around the world for quality, efficiency, versatility and safety. They provide a completely secure end fitting on conventionally constructed strand, Dyform strand or 7-strand. They can be rigged at sea in minutes without special tools and can be inspected simply by unscrewing the assembly. Terminals are made from 316 stainless steel. The standard terminal can be used on 1x19 strand, 1x19 Dyform and 7-strand rope, using the appropriate cones. Terminals are reusable, but they must have a new cone. Hole to wire end.