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Oars & Paddles


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Composite Fiber Pro Kayak Paddle, 230cm


Fishstix Kayak Paddles

From  $355.00

Adjustable Aluminum Oars

From  $64.99

CavPro Resin Tip Paddle, 5'L


Quest Carbon Kayak Paddle, 230cm


Sunrise Glass Kayak Paddle, 230cm


Deluxe Wooden Oars

From  $36.99

Angler Classic Kayak Paddle, 230-245cm


Telescoping Paddle, 52-122cm


Aluminum Oar

From  $39.99

Sunrise Glass Kayak Paddle, 240cm


Deluxe Wooden Paddle, 3'L


Navigator Kayak Paddle, 230cm


4-Piece Compact Touring Kayak Paddle, 231cm


Quest Carbon Kayak Paddle, 220cm


CavPro Wood Paddle


CavPro Resin Tip Paddle, 4'3"L


Slice Glass Kayak Paddle, 220cm


Replacement Spring Button Assembly


Deluxe Wooden Paddle, 5'L


Navigator Kayak Paddle, 220cm


Aluminum Paddles

From  $19.99

Angler Scout Kayak Paddle, 220cm


Quest Fiberglass Straight Shaft Kayak Paddles

From  $255.00

Sunrise Glass Kayak Paddle, 220cm


Angler Classic Kayak Paddle, 240-255cm


Viewing 1-30 of 47 items