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Signaling Devices

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Handheld Red Locator Flares, Four-Pack


12-Gauge High-Performance Red Meteor Flares


Bluewater Alert/Locate Signal Kit Rebate


12-Gauge High-Performance Alerter Basic-4 Signal Kit


Inland Locator® Plus 4 Marine Signal Kit


Handheld Orange Smoke Flares

From  $28.99

Coastal Alert/Locate Signal Kit


Red Parachute SOLAS Signal Rocket


Coastal Alerter Signal Kit with Accessories


Skyblazer II Aerial Flares Four-Pack


Deluxe HP Alert Locate Flare Kit


Disposable Chemical Light Sticks

From  $9.99

Distress Flag


Red Handheld SOLAS Flare


Orange SOLAS Floating Smoke Signal


Viewing 1-15 of 26 items