Cristina Kochevar

Vice President, Divisional Merchandise Manager

Cristina Kochevar

Cristina has nearly 30 years of retail experience, and almost half of those have been spent at West Marine. She is the definition of hardworking and dedicated. A self-proclaimed “nerd,” she loves sci-fi, video games, Star Wars, and anything to do with space! First retail merchant to land on the moon? That will be Cristina!

Cristina began her retail career under Marriott’s museum and aquarium arm and has worked for several aquariums across the country. Her most recent experience was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and we’re sure grateful for that encounter as it sealed the deal for Cristina’s love of all things water and the marine industry.

Since joining the team, she’s been involved in everything from developing a scuba diving program to launching the stand-up paddleboard business which went on to be a huge success for West Marine. At the height of the SUP trend, West Marine’s paddleboard business was the largest in the world.

Affectionately known as the “Oprah of the office,” Cristina can always be counted on to lead the charge and inspire those around her. A champion of marine conservation from an early age, she has consistently held her team to a higher level of integrity in promoting smart practices and lifestyle habits that protect the ocean and our waterways.