The BoatConnect Hub from Simrad

By Brian Vanderlaan, 7/24/2019

Worry Less, Boat More

You’ve been looking forward to getting out on the water all weekend. You load up your family and gear and head to the dock only to find that your battery is dead and your boating trip is ruined before it started. Maybe, like many boaters, you toss and turn in the middle of the night unable to sleep because you’re worried about your unsupervised boat down at the dock. Sound familiar? Luckily, you can avoid these situations and many others with Simrad’s BoatConnect Hub and BoatConnect app.

Battery Monitoring and Location Tracking

Boat Connect hub

The BoatConnect Hub is easy to install and measures a little over four inches wide and one and a half inches deep meaning it will take up very little space on your boat.

Battery monitoring and location tracking are built into the BoatConnect Hub. Using the BoatConnect app you can monitor your boat’s battery remotely and be automatically alerted when your battery runs low on power. The app also gives you access to your boat’s location from your smartphone and will automatically alert you if your boat leaves the area you designate in the app. If your boat is stolen, the automatic alert allows you to immediately react and take necessary action. Location tracking is also a great feature to have when a friend or family member is skippering your boat as you can easily monitor their location and know if they arrived safely at their destination.

Trip History

The BoatConnect app keeps track of your trips and allows you to access your recent travel locations. Easily retrace that particularly rewarding fishing route from a previous weekend or any other trip that you want to recreate.

Weather Updates

boat connect app screenshot

The BoatConnect app provides a lot of useful information at a glance including battery voltage, location, weather and wind speed.

The BoatConnect app links up to the location of your boat and allows you to check the weather at your boat’s location. Never wonder again if your boat is being drenched by rain or scorched by heat.

Additional Sensors

Similar to many other boat security and monitoring devices, the BoatConnect Hub is compatible with additional Simrad sensors to monitor other areas of your boat.

  • Temperature sensor: Monitors the internal temperature of your boat and will automatically alert you of extreme temperatures onboard through the app
  • Entry sensor: Can be installed on any hatch or entryway and will automatically send you an alert if one is opened.
  • Bilge sensor: Will alert you if the water level in the bilge rises above the sensor. By mounting this sensor above your automatic bilge switch, the sensor functions as a alarm that there is a problem with your bilge switch or bilge pump. Adding this sensor to your boat ensures that you will not be surprised by a flooded bilge the next time you use your boat.

Easy Installation

The BoatConnect Hub is simple to install and most DIY leaning boat owners should have no problem installing the device. Finding a dry mounting place that won't obstruct GPS or cellular signals to the hub, connecting two wires to the terminals on your battery and linking your hub to the BoatConnect app are all that's required to get your hub up and running.

Installation Instructions

Affordable, No-strings-attached Subscription

While the BoatConnect app is available for free on the App Store or Google Play, boat monitoring services requires a subscription. Simrad offers affordable subscription plans that renew on a monthly basis so you have the option to stop service at any time. This is perfect for boaters who only have their boat in the water during warm months and don't want to pay for a subscription year round when they know that their boat is safe in a storage facility or at their home.

Subscription Details