Image Stabilizing (IS) Binoculars

Image Stabilizing (IS) binoculars provide a steady image, even on a bouncing boat. The rolling, pitching and bouncing motion on a boat makes it nearly impossible to keep an image in focus using high–powered binoculars, unless they are Image Stabilized (IS). IS binoculars automatically compensate for movement to deliver crisp, sharp images, even at magnifications as high as 18–power, which is more than double the magnification typically found in marine binoculars.

How they work

Fujinon's Techno–Stabi IS binoculars are built with dual piezo–motion sensors and gyro position sensors that are linked to direct drive motors for instant and continuous stabilization with low battery drain. They are widely used by the military and law enforcement. At a fraction of the price, the Techno–Stabi achieves a high degree of stabilization in all planes. Two direct drive motors–one horizontal, one vertical–each controlled by its own piezo vibration sensor, instantly stabilize the image. Phase–coated roof prisms provide superior clarity. Power consumption is minimal, and they are completely waterproof.

Nikon’s StabilEyes binoculars and Fraser Optics binoculars and monoculars are built with a digitally stabilized gimbaled servo system to provide a view that is unaffected by hand shake or vibration. The StabilEyes provide constant stabilization when activated and Nikon's original dual mode system allows for use on land and sea by compensating for both roll and shake. The StabilEyes line is 100% waterproof and fogproof and each includes a floating strap. Power consumption of the AA batteries is minimal in spite of the constant image stabilization functions.

Fraser Optics Mariner Series not only are waterproof, but they even float!