Slalom Ski Size Chart

The length of a slalom ski is based on the weight of the skier, and there is a pretty simple formula for figuring the correct length. Higher towing speeds are generally associated with smaller skis and/or slalom skis, while lower towing speeds usually require two skis that are longer, wider, or both. See the chart below.

For shaped skis the sizing is more general with only the lowest range of boat speeds recommended. Under 175 lb: 61"-65" and over 175 lb.: 65"-67". Source: O'Brien Product Catalog

Weight 26-30mph Boat Speed 30-34mph 34-36mph
Under 100lb. 61"-64" 61"-64" 61"-64"
105-120lb. 61"-66" 61"-64" 61"-64"
115-140lb. 61"-66" 61"-66" 63-"66"
135-160lb. 64"-69" 63"-66" 63"-66"
155-180lb. 66"-72" 66"-69" 66"-69"
175-200lb. 68"-75" 68"-72" 66"-70"
200+lb. 70"-75" 68"-75" 68"-72"