The Elide Fireball—A New Type of Fire Extinguisher

By Brian Gordon, Last updated: 5/6/2021

Three Elide fire extinguishing balls


Have you ever wondered what would occur if a fire started on your boat when you are asleep onboard? While we assume your boat is equipped with the requisite number of Coast Guard approved portable fire extinguishers, what if you do not wake up in time to use one? Fortunately, a new and unique type of fire extinguishing device has entered the market—the Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball, which we will refer to as the Elide Fire Ball or the EFB for short. What makes this device stand out is its ease of installation and its design, which enables passive or active use. For this reason, we believe the EFB is a good choice to supplement your boat’s portable Coast Guard approved fire extinguishers or fixed mount system.

Passive versus Active Use

As a passive device, the EFB is mounted in areas of concern where a possible fire can occur. Typical examples on a boat include above electrical outlets, over a galley range, behind an electrical panel, or in an engine room.

Used actively, the EFB can be thrown into a fire. This gives the EFB an advantage over traditional handheld fire extinguishers that require users to get within range of a fire before an extinguisher can be used. This is not always possible due to the heat of the fire.

How do Elide Fire Balls Work?

What sets Elide Fire Balls apart from conventional handheld and fixed-mount fire extinguishers is how they work. The polystyrene shell of the EFB surrounds non-toxic, eco-friendly monoamonium phosphate, a dry chemical fire suppressant. Within three to five seconds of an EFB coming into contact with a fire’s flame it activates and with a benign explosion disperses the dry chemical, extinguishing the fire around it. Activation requires direct contact with a flame. Heat alone is not enough for activation to occur. It should be stressed that when the EFB detonates and releases the dry chemical, the explosion is not dangerous to anybody who happens to be nearby.

What type of fires do Elide Fire Balls extinguish?

The dry chemical fire suppressant contained in Elide Fire Balls extinguishes Type A (Trash, wood, paper), Type B (Liquids and gases) and Type C (Energized electrical sources) rated fires.

Where should you mount Elide Fire Balls?

Elide Fireball installed over batteries in engine compartment

Elide Fire Ball installed over batteries in automotive application.

Red EFBs are meant for any dry location like a salon or master stateroom. Blue EFBs are designed for placement in areas that can get damp like a bilge, hanging locker or engine bay. Mounting couldn’t be easier. Simply install the basket-style holder above any location where a fire might conceivably occur. Possible locations include above electrical outlets, over the galley range, behind electrical panels or in an engine room.

How much coverage do Elide Fire Balls offer?

Four inch balls, regardless of color, provide 19 square feet of coverage. For greater coverage, select the six inch ball, which provides up to 60 square feet of coverage with a maximum dispersion radius of four and one-half feet.

Do Elide Fire Balls need to be refilled or serviced?

Elide Fire Balls are not pressurized and do not require any maintenance or service. Each ball is warrantied for five years by Elide Fire, USA and has a usable life of over seven years. The Blue all-weather EFB has a three year warranty and a usable life of over five years.

Are Elide Fire Balls certified by the USCG or other US agencies?

No. Elide Fire USA products are not currently certified by US agencies. Elide Fire has won multiple awards worldwide and received certifications in various other countries. Elide hopes to obtain USCG certification for their products soon.

Should existing USCG-approved fire extinguishers be replaced
with Elide Fire Balls?

No. The Elide Fire Ball is not meant to replace any of your existing fire safety and suppression tools. Instead, we believe you should consider the Elide Fire Ball as a way to add an additional layer of safety, beyond the systems you have on your boat that are required by law.

Watch the Video

To learn more about Elide Fire Extinguisher Balls, watch the video below. For additional questions, please speak with a West Marine crew member at a store near you or call 1-800-BOATING and speak with a West Marine Product Advisor.