Boaters, Give Your Backs a Rest With an Anchor Retrieval System

If you have grown weary of manually raising your anchor, consider an anchor retrieval system. Manufacturers such as Anchor-Caddie, Ironwood Pacific and T-H Marine offer these systems in several variations. The basic system consists of a buoy attached to a ring with a shackle or short length of rope. The buoy must be large enough to support the weight of the anchor and chain. The ring is designed for easy attachment to your anchor’s rope.

When you want to pull your anchor, simply attach the buoy/ring assembly to your anchor rope and allow it to slide down the rope to the water. Next, being careful not to foul the anchor rope on your prop, power your boat in a half-circle around where your anchor is holding and then power forward in a straight line against the wind and current. As you do this, water resistance will cause the buoy to travel along the anchor rope to a point where it will begin to raise the anchor. Continue to power forward to where the chain pulls through the ring and continue on until the anchor reaches the ring. Now all you have to do is stop your boat and retrieve the rope, chain and anchor—which at this point will be hanging from the ring.

Will these systems put chiropractors out of business? Probably not, but using one may just work wonders on your back!