Classic Hydraulic Trim Tab System, 24" x 9", Fits Boats: 22' - 27'

Classic Hydraulic Trim Tab System, 24" x 9", Fits Boats: 22' - 27' image number null

Classic Hydraulic Trim Tab System, 24" x 9", Fits Boats: 22' - 27'

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Get the most from your boat, no matter what the load, speed or sea conditions, with Bennett trim tabs.

A trim tab system gives you fingertip control of your boats ride. Using the helm control, you can adjust the trim tabs individually or together to create the perfect cruising attitude and smooth a rough ride. Trim tabs can help your boat get on plane faster, increase speed and improve fuel economy. Bennett hydraulic trim tabs are known for power, precision and durability and are available for boats large and small. To make installation a little easier, Bennett assembles trim tab kits to fit a variety of boats. Each kit includes 304 stainless steel trim plane assemblies, hydraulic power unit, actuators, a control switch, hydraulic tubing, wiring and hardware; installation requires normal household tools plus marine sealant, epoxy and automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Hydraulic hoses are run internally through the mounting flange of the actuators to eliminate exposed tubing. Use the guide below to determine the right Bennett kit for your boat and take control of your boat’s ride by installing trim tabs.

Key Features:

  • Trim tabs give boaters control of the boat’s attitude
  • Fingertip control of trim tab independently or together
  • Hydraulic hose run internally for protection
  • Helps get up on plane faster
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Reduces pounding and porpoising
  • Pre-assembled kit makes installation easier
  • Five-year warranty

Kits include:

  • Two high-quality, 13-gauge, 304 stainless steel trim planes
  • Two nylon/composite actuators
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Euro-style rocker control switch with positive “click” action (fits 2 1/2" dia. hole)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Five-year warranty

Owner's Manual

Installation Instructions

Trim Tab Guide:

As a starting point use the general rule that for every foot of boat length the trim tab should have an inch of width or cord. Meaning if your boat is 25 feet long, the trim tab should have a cord of 25 inches or more. Generally a trim tab with a larger cord—that is wider—is generally better. Next select a span or distance from the transom. Most applications do well with a 9" span and will not benefit greatly from a larger span—the cord has a greater effect on trim. A larger span is can be used successfully for applications with limited space such as boats with two or more outboards or outdrives. Below is a table to give you a quick reference for the suggested trim tab size for your boat. When using the table consider that the ideal installation will position the trim tab at least 8" from the center of the outboard or drive unit and at least 4" from the chine. If the tab recommended in the table below will not fit within these parameters, you may consider a trim tab with a longer span.

Boat Length Trim Tab Size (span x chord)
17’-19’ 8” x 10” M80
19’-23’ 10” x 12” M120
15'-19' 12” x 9”
19’-24’ 12” x 12”
20’-23’ 18” x 9”
22’-27’ 18” x 12”
22’-27’ 24” x 9”
25’-31’ 24” x 12”
25’-31’ 30” x 9”
25’-31’ 30” x 12”
32’-38’ 36” x 9”
32’-38’ 36” x 12”
36’-44’ 42” x 9”
36’-44’ 42” x 12”
42’-50’ 54” x 9”
Compatibility Boats 22 to 27 Feet Long
Dimensions 9" Length x 24" Width
Style Traditional
Trim Tab Actuator Hydraulic Single
Trim Tab Control Type Tactile Rocker Switch
Type Trim Tab Kits
Voltage 12 Volt DC
Warranty Five Years