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Performing a seasonal trailer tune-up

Trailers may be the most neglected item of boat related equipment, in spite of the fact that they open up vast horizons of boating adventure, allowing us to explore locations far remote from our normal local waterways.


Choosing a Trailer Jack for your Boat

Your boat's trailer jack is a simple thing. It raises your boat, lowers it and has wheels that allow it to pivot. But when it seizes up or strips its worm gear, it can leave you unable to hook up, unhook or move your trailer.


Your Trailer's Light System

Don’t skimp on the quality of trailer lights. Consider them essential boating safety gear for being on the road.Trailer lighting keeps your trailer legal with your state’s Motor Vehicle department. More importantly, lights are critical for safety, letting other drivers know where your trailer is and what your...


Is your boat’s trailer ready for the road?

At West Marine we understand how frustrating it can be to miss a day of boating because of trailer failure. Whether you keep your boat on a bunk- or roller-style trailer, we stock the parts you need to ensure that you never get stranded on the side of the road while better-prepared friends pass you by.

Bunk-style Trailers

Bunk trailers use two or more long wooden boards that support the boat and distribute its weight. Bunk trailers work well for smaller boats and are popular for boats up to about 20 feet. Over time, the carpeting that covers the bunks will deteriorate and start to reveal the wood underneath, which can damage the underside of your boat. We carry multiple colors and sizes of trailer bunk carpeting that is weather-resistant and dries quickly so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew.

Roller-style Trailers

Roller-style trailers use multiple sets of plastic or rubber rollers to support the weight of the boat and allow the boat to easily roll on and off the trailer. Roller trailers make loading and unloading your boat easy which makes them popular among boaters that frequently move their boat to different waterways. Rollers will wear out over time and need to be replaced. Here at West Marine, we carry replacement keel and rib rollers to keep your trailer working smoothly and prevent damage to your boat.

Be safe and be seen

Our selection of boat trailer lights, tie downs and safety chains keep your boat visible and secure during transportation. Super bright LED trailer tail and running lights can spell the difference between someone seeing your trailer or not. Using a safety chain can save you, your boat, and motorists around you from a highway catastrophe if your trailer’s coupling comes loose.

Make us your one-stop shop for seasonal trailer tune-ups

Before the boating season begins, thoroughly inspect your trailer and if necessary perform preventative maintenance, so you don’t wind up stuck on the asphalt instead of out on the water. Work from a checklist. Systems to inspect include your trailer's brakes, tongue jack, electrical system, lights, hitch ball, coupling, tires, wheel bearings, bunks, tie downs and rollers. From a simple bearing grease job to more involved projects like replacing your trailer winch, we have the tools and the parts you need to get it done right.


For more about trailering, visit the trailering articles section at Along with the products you need, you will also find helpful advice at a West Marine store near you.