Rover Aero

Remote waters are good for the soul. Explore more of them with the Rover AeroBOTE, the portable paddleskiff you can take anywhere. The perfect adventure partner, this BOTE is a skiff, dingy, tender and paddleboard all rolled into one. Cast your line across the water and paddle or motor to discover what’s around the next bend.

What’s Included

Moto Rac Receivers

Moto Rac Receivers are what will hold your Moto Rac in place. (See mounting details before use).

Moto Rac

The Moto Rac will fit securely to your board allowing your Rover Aero to go from paddle to power in minutes.

Aerogo Electric Pump

The AeroGo rechargable electric pump will fully inflate and deflate your Rover Aero in no time. (Refer to the manual for full instructions on proper use).

Hand Pump

The included Hand Pump inflates your Aero Rover by inserting the end of the hose into the inflate ports and pumping to the proper PSI.

Adjustable Paddle

A well-balanced blade design providing great stability and good power, featuring an ABS edge blade with an adjustable shaft for secure and easy sizing.

Rac Receivers

Rac Receivers mount on the built-in attachment points, allowing you to deck it out for any expedition. Includes one set.

Paddle Sheath

Use the Paddle Sheath to free up your hands for other tasks. Just insert the blade into the sheath and let gravity do the rest.

Sandspear Sheath

The Sandspear Sheath allows you to utilize BOTE’s Sandspear to anchor your board so you can stay in place.

Paddle Sheath

The included paddle sheath provides a convenient place to store your paddle, freeing up your hands for other things. Just slide the blade into the sheath and let gravity do the rest.

Sandspear Sheath

Mount the included Sandspear Sheath for use with the optional Sandspear shallow water anchor. Just drive the spike end through the sheath to stop on a dime and hold position. When not in use, lash the Sandspear to the rails using the included Lash Points or wedge it between the Vertebre rail attachments.

AeroGo Rechargeable Bote Pump

AeroGo Rechargeable Bote Pump

The AeroGo Rechargeable Pump makes short work of inflating (and deflating) your Rover Aero. Just connect the hose, set the PSI and go. Don’t worry about finding an outlet or hooking up to a car battery, the AeroGo will inflate and deflate your Rover Aero 2–3 times on a single charge. It comes in it’s own convenient carry bag and fits inside the Remora Bag for transport with your Rover Aero, wherever you’re off to. The best part, it’s included with the Rover Aero (a $250 value).

Built to Paddle

Rover Aero evolved from the most innovative paddle boards on the planet. It paddles with ease through a variety of water conditions.

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Ease of Transport

The portability of AeroBOTEs is undeniable. Whether you have a smaller vehicle with no roof mounting system or you take public transportation, the Rover Aero can go with you. The Rover Aero Bag features wheels which allows you to easily transport your Rover Aero to places other boards can’t reach.

Deck it Out

With a staggering amount of standard features, you can outfit the Rover Aero the way you want for the things you want to do. And since there isn’t much you can’t do with it, go ahead and deck it out.

The Mercury 6 Hp outboard motor is an excellent choice to pair with your new Rover Aero. It provides all the power you need to push the Rover Aero up to 16 Mph. This engine does that as well as providing fuel efficiency second to none and a redesigned carrying handle and holding grip make it convenient to transport! (Motor Sold Separately.)

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