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Selecting A Fishing Reel

Learn about what reels do and what to look for. Reels let you control your fishing line, how it's paid out and how it's retrieved. In addition, reels have a "drag" system that is used to pressure the fish during the fight and provide mechanical advantage to enable you land a "whopper."


Selecting a Fishing Rod

Fishing rods extend the angler's reach and leverage for casting lures or bait, and absorb the shock of a fish when it strikes. Rods are essential to casting and presenting the bait or lure to attract fish. Once a fish hits, the rod is used to set the hook, play and land the fish


Organize Your Tackle

When the action gets thick, the last thing you want is to waste time fumbling around for whatever jig, lure, or bait is the hot ticket of the day. The hallmark of a competent angler is organization, and well-organized anglers catch more fish.