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Ice Chests & Coolers

Whether you’re headed out on an epic journey or just a day on the water, don’t let a failed cooler be the story you bring back to civilization.

From totes & backpacks to tactical duffels, soft-sided coolers are designed for adventures on-the-go.

Make your cooler pull double-duty by turning it into a comfortable seat with a heavy-duty, water-resistant cooler cushion.

Armored to the core thanks to its roto-molded construction, these durable buckets are perfect for keeping a pony keg or over 50 beverages ice cold.

Coastal and offshore anglers think of their coolers as a critical piece of boating equipment—as important as a high-performance fishfinder or bait tank. These heavy-duty fish holding machines keep ice frozen for days on end, ensuring that your prize Tuna or Dorado makes it back to the docks as fresh as the moment it was caught. Extra tough, roto-molded construction with pressure injected insulation and a larger interior capacity separate offshore coolers from their recreational counterparts.

Complete your Outdoor Adventure

Buyer's Guide to Coolers

Coolers provide an easy way to keep food, beverages, bait, or your day’s catch fresh during transport on land or water. Your choice of a cooler (or coolers) should depend on the size of your crew, the duration of the outing or cruise and of course, your budget.