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It is always important to wear a life jacket when on the water, but sometimes that isn’t enough. A life raft is a crucial piece of equipment on a boat. West Marine offers multiple types of life rafts and survival gear for different types of boats and the different conditions boaters experience. Boaters can choose from coastal life rafts, near short life rafts, offshore life rafts, compact life rafts and commercial life rafts. We also carry sea anchors and drag devices and survival supplies. It is important to build or buy a ditch bag, and if rescue will take longer where you’re boating, it is important to store emergency food rations and other basic necessities. We recommend including an EPIRB or wearing a PLB and bringing flares to increase your chance of being rescued. For individuals working in dangerous conditions on boats, West Marine carries survival suits that are water-tight, float and will protect the wearer from fire, hypothermia and more. Whatever your safety and survival needs, you’ll find what you need at West Marine.