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Lowrance - How to Choose Your HOOK2 HDS Carbon from Lowrance - Are you ready? Lowrance Marine Electronics
The Lowrance HOOK2 Story Navionics iPad App - Create Auto-Route and Waypoints and Sync to Lowrance HDS Lowrance Elite-9Ti and Elite-12Ti

About Lowrance

In 1957, Lowrance® changed fishing forever with the Fish-Lo-K-Tor, the first recreational fishfinder. For over 60 years, Lowrance has continued to bring innovation to freshwater- and saltwater anglers, with technologies like Autotuning Sonar, StructureScan® 3D and Live Network Sonar. Lowrance products are used by recreational and tournament anglers at all levels—including the last six Bassmaster Classic Champions, who all won with Lowrance. 

Coastal or Saltwater Fishing 

Lowrance makes fishfinder/chartplotter combos that are perfect for navigating through channels, discovering a favorite fishing spot, finding fish and returning to the dock safely. No matter the size of boat or fish, Lowrance provides reliable tools to get the job done.

Inland or Freshwater Fishing

Whatever the body of water, the species of fish or the type of boat—from center console and bass boats to jon boats—Lowrance offers easy-to-use fishfinders with proven navigation and powerful sonar that will help to find more fish.

Kayak Fishing 

Kayak Fishing is an exciting way to get exercise and explore bodies of water inaccessible to larger boats. Lowrance makes rugged, portable fishfinding systems compatible with kayaks, that are easy to install and durable enough for everyday use.

Lowrance products combine an easy-to-use interface with simple controls and vibrant displays. From ponds, lakes and tidal rivers to coastal flats and open water—Lowrance helps find fish faster, so you can make the most of your time on the water.

West Advisor Articles

Fishfinder Technology Explained

Fishfinder Technology Explained

Fishfinders allow anglers to see a graphic representation of what is beneath their boats so they can identify fish. To choose a fishfinder, consider the type of unit -- whether it includes GPS and is part of a boatwide network, size of the fishfinder’s footprint, resolution of the display, how much transmitti...

Installing a Fishfinder

Installing a Lowrance Fishfinder on a West Marine Kayak

Mike Montgomery shows us a clean and simple way to install a Lowrance Elite-5 TI fishfinder/chartplotter combo on a West Marine Pompano kayak. The installation took about four hours, and we had a working Elite-5 TI at the end of the afternoon.

Make Your Own Sonar Maps

Make Your Own Sonar Maps

Frustrating Situtation: You trailer your boat to a new lake, power up the chartplotter/sonar combo, and then look at the map that’s displayed on your beautiful color screen. What do you see? Not much detail, and very little that’ll help you find the fish. How disappointing it is to find out that nobody has ta...