Interdeck® Nonskid Paint

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EZ Decks Nonskid Deck Paint

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Intergrip No Skid Compound Paint Additive

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9900 Skidless Compound, Pint


Clearance Skid-No-More Paint

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Are your boat’s non-skid decks worn out?

Part of the fun of being on a boat is feeling the sea (or maybe your favorite lake or river) under your feet. The rise of the bow as we travel up and over a wave or the inclination of a sailboat’s deck while on a broad reach is integral to the experience. Of course, all this movement can make for unstable footing, especially on a wet deck. That is why traditional boats have teak decks which provide a natural non-skid surface. Modern fiberglass boats have a non-skid pattern molded their decks. But what do you do if this non-skid pattern wears out, or you want to paint your deck? For this we offer non-skid deck paints and non-skid compounds.

Our selection includes non-skid paints with non-skid compound (the gritty stuff that keeps you from slipping) already mixed in. These paints are available in a limited number of colors—but if you really want color, we suggest you purchase a one-part or a two-part polyurethane and the non-skid compound separately. You can then create the non-skid surface in one of two ways. First you can mix the non-skid compound into the paint and roll it on. The other way is to apply the first coat of paint and after it becomes tacky “broadcast” the non-skid compound over the paint. Then, after the paint dries, brush off the excess non-skid compound and apply the second coat of paint. Once the second coat dries, you will have a non-skid deck in exactly the color you want.