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North East & New England Fishing

North East & New England Fishing

What kind of Fishing are you doing?

North East & New England Kayak Fishing - Learn More

Kayak Fishing

Greater maneuverability to get into the spots a larger boat won’t go. A wide range of styles includes sit-on-top and sit-inside, plus pedal, motorized and hybrid options. Explore all the different choices.

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Advice & Articles

Making my Passion for Fishing Contagious

My grandfather, who loved fishing, instilled in me the qualities that have made me the person I am today. He taught me patience, drive and determination—and that when times get rough you don’t give up. He also taught me a lot about fishing.


Keep Your Catch Cool—A Buyer’s Guide to Coolers

Coolers provide an easy way to keep food, beverages, bait, or your day’s catch fresh during transport on land or water. Your choice of a cooler (or coolers) should depend on the size of your crew, the duration of the outing or cruise and of course, your budget.


Understanding Sun Protection

When we’re on or around water, it’s important to protect our skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Water and sand reflect the sun and intensify the damaging rays, which can increase your chances of sunburn and skin cancer.