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Increase your odds of success when trolling for surface fish. An outrigger is designed to hold line from your rod using tension release clips that put the fight back in your hands when something bites. Because outriggers are hands-free until a fish strikes, one boat can sport multiple outrigger-supported poles at different angles to lure many fish over a greater area.

Outrigger Kits

Outrigger Kits make new installations easy with perfectly matched mounts,
telescoping poles and complete rigging kits.

Mounts provide the pivot point for switching from vertical to trolling position. Choose from locking levers, pin-release joints and swivel handles that install through the cabin ceiling.

Outrigger poles are available in a wide variety of materials and designs to support different needs. Telescoping poles store easily and can pass under bridges, cold-drawn aluminum and anodized poles are strong, and fiberglass is lighter and corrosion free.

Rigging kits connect the line from your rod to the outrigger. Simpler kits provide the basics to ensure the line stays taut, doesn't tangle and releases when it's supposed to. Higher-end kits include specialty and premium components that are more accurate and less likely to be damaged with use.

Rod holders are essential for the hands-free setup of outriggers. Increase your trolling spread with swept-back holders designed with safety straps that attach securely to the reels.

Selecting Outriggers

Outriggers are common on offshore and Great Lakes sportfishing boats. They consist of rigid or telescopic poles between 15 and 35 feet in length that are swung outboard at a wide angle. Outriggers allow trolling of up to two lines per pole (a.k.a. stacking), and position bait or lures outside the wake or prop...


How to Select Rod Holders

Where you fish and what kind of boat you use determine what kind of rod holder is right for you. We recommend stainless steel or chrome models for heavy duty ocean fishing and consider Nylon, fiberglass and ABS plastic rod holders cost-effective alternatives for calmer waters.