RCL-85 LED Searchlight



Remote Control Spotlights

Remote control spotlights enable you to search the water around your boat without ever leaving the helm. Whether you are looking for a landmark to regain your bearings or accidentally dropped a floating VHF radio into the water, a spotlight can help you locate items quickly. A quick scan across the water can reveal navigational hazards or moorings that are difficult to see—and help you to avoid damaging your boat when you are on the water at night.

Wired and Wireless Remote Operation

Our selection includes models controlled by a wireless remote control and hard wired dash controls. Wireless models allow you to control the light when you’re away from the helm. Wired dash controls have the advantage that you don’t have to worry about dropping your remote overboard. Remote control spotlights have wide rotation and tilt ranges so you always have an excellent view around your boat.

Light Output and Beam Reach

Choose from halogen, HID (high intensity discharge) or LED spotlights with peak beam intensities up to 550,000 candelas. Maximum beam distance up to 4,800 feet provides plenty of light to search for landmarks or navigation hazards after dark.

Rotation and Tilt Control

Our selection of remote control spotlights rotate up to 370° and tilt up to 135° degrees. When selecting a remote control spotlight, make sure to examine the tilt range carefully as upward and downward movement are not always the same range.

Built for the Sea

Built to resist saltwater corrosion, remote control spotlight housings are sealed to keep out dust and moisture which protects moving parts and bulbs. Sturdy housing and lenses also protect your light from impacts or rough conditions. For a practically maintenance-free option, consider one of the high-powered LED spotlights we offer. LED lights have a longer service life compared to HID or halogen bulbs and are much sturdier than traditional bulbs.

Signal for Help

A spotlight can be helpful if you end up in trouble on the water after dark. Flashing your spotlight can signal to other boaters that you need assistance and select models are capable of automated S.O.S. code signaling in an emergency.