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Running Rigging

Selecting Line for Running Rigging

Selecting the right running rigging for your sailboat can be a challenge. There are a lot of choices, and your selection is often more a matter of taste than function. How do you decide which line is best for your application? One way is to check our Line Selection Guide.

Stainless Steel Rigging

Stainless Steel Rigging

In wire rigging, the stainless wire is subject to stress and fatiguing every time the boat rolls which, over a 10-year average lifespan, adds up to literally millions of stresses on the rig.


Is It Time for a Rigging Tune-up?

Like your car, sailboats also have an “engine”—in the form of their sails, standing rigging and running rigging. Depending on the type of sailboat you have, this “engine” might be low-tech, high-tech or maybe somewhere in between. To keep this engine “tuned up” and operating its best, West Marine offers a complete selection of standing and running rigging; plus a variety of rigging tools and accessories.

Running rigging includes halyards, jib sheets and other lines used to raise, lower and otherwise control sails. If your running rigging has seen better days, now might be the time to replace it. Our selection runs the gamut, from economical polyester single- and double-braids to high-tech, low-stretch line made from materials such as Dyneema, Spectra, Technora, Kevlar and Vectran.

Standing rigging supports your boat’s mast. If your standing rigging is old and corroded, consider replacing it. We offer a complete selection of standing rigging, including standard 1 by 19 stainless steel and Dyform wire. This selection is complemented by a wide range of rigging terminals to accommodate most applications.

Do-it-yourselfers, take advantage of our broad selection of rigging hardware. Of course, for hard or complicated jobs, experienced professionals at our Rigging Shop are always ready to help.