Do you want portability or does performance matter most?

If you are shopping for a SUP (stand up paddleboard) first consider what you value most. Is it portability or performance? If portability is the most important, we suggest an inflatable paddleboard which you can easily transport in your car’s trunk to your favorite paddling location. Owing to drop stitch construction, inflatable boards, when properly inflated, are fairly stiff, but they lack the ultimate rigidity of fiberglass boards—which offer superior performance. To transport a fiberglass board you will need a pickup truck, van or a roof rack for your car. Features to look for in a paddleboard include bungee cord hold downs for securing gear and a deck pad for traction and comfort on the board’s deck. SUP accessories include ankle leashes, hand and foot pumps and accessory mounts. Inflatable boards are often offered as a kit that includes the board, pump, ankle leash, fin, paddle and a backpack for easy transport or storage. When shopping for a board, you should also take your weight and skill level into consideration. West Marine offers a variety of paddle board brands, including Bic Sport, Boardworks, Voyager, Solstice, Tahe and West Marine.