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Be Seen in an Emergency with Our Selection of Safety Lights

Personal safety lights increase the chance that you or your crew will be seen in a man overboard (MOB) situation or other emergency. Our selection includes small battery operated PFD lights and larger floating strobes with manual or automatic activation. Automatic, water-activated strobes offer a big advantage to MOB crew, especially if they are incapacitated or unconscious when they fall in the water. Manual strobes require a quick twist or press of a button to activate. We carry a wide selection of personal safety lights that meet or exceed United States Coast Guard (USCG) or Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requirements.

USCG Requirements for Rescue Lights

To gain USCG approval rescue lights must flash 50 to 70 times per minute for at least 8 hours and be visible for at least one nautical mile. LEDs draw very little power allowing many of our safety lights to flash continuously for 40 hours or more and be visible for over 1 1/2 nautical miles, which is well above requirements. Clipping one of these lights to your PFD will help ensure that if you fall overboard you will be visible to others on your boat or to rescue crews.

Be Safe and Be Seen

A small rescue light clipped to your life jacket can make the difference between being seen in an emergency or not. Most safety lights are small and practically unnoticeable until you need it. Lights that are USCG or SOLAS approved are guaranteed not to interfere with the life jacket’s operation.

Communicate with Other Boats with Sound and Light

Comply with USCG navigation rules with an automatic safety signaling controller. Available in console mounts or portable options, signaling controllers give you the ability to select preprogrammed horn and light signals to communicate your boats situation and intentions.


Stop by a West Marine store and one of our associates will be happy to assist with choosing a rescue strobe or any other safety gear you need for your boat. Our West Advisor article on Safety Equipment is a great resource also.