Online and in West Marine stores, you will find a broad selection of sailboat hardware, including a large selection of shackles, snap hooks and carabiners. Shackles are used on sailboats for a wide variety of purposes, including securement of topping lifts, halyards, blocks and many other applications. Examples of sailboat shackles include snap shackles, headboard shackles, D shackles, long D shackles, bow shackles, twisted shackles and soft shackles. Carabiners and snap hooks serve a variety of purposes including attachment of topping lifts, jack lines, tethers and lifting harnesses. As your best source for sailboat hardware, West Marine offers sailing’s most respected brands, including Harken, Ronstan, Suncor, Schaefer, Wichard, Forespar and more. When selecting a shackle, snap hook or carabiner, be sure not to exceed its SWL—short for safe working load.