Why buy a sit-inside inflatable kayak?

Formerly, inflatable kayaks were nothing more than pool toys. Now, with features like aluminum frames, PVC floors, rugged shell fabrics, welded seams and multiple chambers that inflate to higher pressures, you’ll get the same high performance paddling as you do with a rigid kayak—only they take up very little room when deflated and packed to go home.

Sit-inside kayaks are easy to paddle and control since their low center of gravity puts you in a more efficient paddling position. By sitting lower in relation to the water, sit-inside kayaks are generally more stable as well. Plus, you’re more protected from cold air and water. If you’d like to stay even warmer and drier, add a spray skirt (sold separately). However, if you become fully swamped or take on a lot of water, a bilge pump will be necessary to bail out your kayak if getting out and turning it over isn’t an option. Speaking of getting out, a sit-inside requires considerably more effort to reenter from the water should you capsize while underway.

The easiest way to get back in after capsizing is an Eskimo roll. With this technique you never leave the kayak. You perform a complete rollover under water, thereby recovering yourself and staying inside the kayak. Yes, you’ll need some practice (preferably in calm, familiar water) to perfect the Eskimo roll; however, once you do, you’ll feel safer and more confident when faced with the prospect of tipping over in flowing or deep water.