Spring Prep

Getting Ready to Cast Off—Is Your Boat Prepared for the Season?

When the thaw arrives and the waters run anew (along with the juices in our veins as we keenly anticipate the season ahead!) we turn to “spring prep,” known by many as “spring commissioning,” wherein we sand, paint, varnish, plumb, rewire and otherwise prepare our boats before we splash in the spring. Sure, spring prep takes time, energy and yes, a few dollars, but it is all necessary to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and unbroken on-the-water experience. Here at West Marine, we’ve been doing a bit of preparation ourselves, by refining and improving the world’s best assortment of boating-related products and advice to make 2018 your best season on the water yet. So three cheers for 2018—let the preparations begin!

Bottom Paint
Bottom Painting
& Hull Repair

Surface Care
Surface Care:
Gelcoat & Topside

Fuel Systems & Engine Prep
Fuel Systems
& Engine Prep

& Battery Management

Plumbing & Bilge
& Bilge

Wood Care & Brightwork
Wood Care
& Brightwork



Anchoring & Docking
& Docking

Steering & Controlse
& Controls