Spring Prep


Spring is upon us—is your boat ready for the water?

When the thaw arrives and the waters run anew, boat owners turn to “spring prep,” known by many as “spring commissioning,” wherein we sand, paint, varnish, plumb, rewire and otherwise prepare our boats for the season ahead. Here at West Marine, we’ve been doing a bit of preparation ourselves, by refining and improving the world’s best assortment of boating-related products and advice to make 2019 your best season on the water yet. So hooray for 2019—let the preparations begin!

Engine & Fuel Systems

Shop our complete selection of engine components, including fuel lines, filters, impellers, ignition components and more. Make necessary repairs now and enjoy the season ahead.


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Boat Engine Parts Selector

Finding the right part has never been easier.

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Electrical & Battery Management

Tackle any electrical project onboard with our complete selection of starting and deep-cycle batteries and electrical components.

Plumbing & Bilge

Ensure that your freshwater, sanitation, washdown and bilge systems are up to par. We have the products and the advice you need to make repairs or upgrades before you cast off.

It's Time to Inspect Your Gear. Ensure you're up-to-date with Coast Guard-required essentials: Flares, Fire Extinguishers, Rearming kits