Dock Assembly System

Dock Assembly System

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Build your own dock with this hardware and the lumber you purchase separately.

We offer a complete line of rugged dock hardware for building a dock at your summer cabin or waterfront home. Designed primarily for non-commercial users, it's sturdy enough for boatyards and smaller marinas.

Commercial Grade (1/4”) Tie Down Dock Hardware is designed for use with 1-1/2” thick lumber (sold separately, minimum width 6”). All hardware is mounted with 3/8” carriage bolts. All male and female dock to dock connections are made with either 3/4” bolts with lock nuts or 3/4” connecting pins. Tie Down's Wood Dock Planning Kit will show you the basics of building a lightweight and long lasting floating dock system.

Useful Resources

To help get you started, we offer a Planning Kit  that's filled with details about dock design and construction. Once you have a plan and materials list, we'll supply the hardware andyour local lumber yard can provide the wood.

List of Components

A. Inside Corner: Used in combination with Outside Corner (E) to connect side and cross stringers on end of dock section. Includes welded gusset for dock framing. Requires eight 3/8" carriage bolt sets. 8 1/4"L x 5"H with 2 1/4" elongated holes.

H. Washer Plate: Used with cross stringers to back up Angle Braces (C) or Pipe Holders (I). Two carriage bolt holes. 1 1/2"L x 5"H.  Four 9/16" holes om 3 1/2" centers.

B. Backup Plates: 5" x 5" reinforcing plates are used to back up the Single T Males (F) and Females (G). Four 9/16" holes on 31/2" centers.

I. 3" O.D. Pipe Holder: Allows dock to ride up and down on anchoring pipe. Bolts to the outside of a side stringer and accepts up to 2"I.D. pipe. Uses two Washer Plates (H) for backing. Requires four 3/8" carriage bolt sets.

C. Galvanized Stringer Angle: Used to attach cross stringers to side stringers, and is backed up by Washer Plates (H). Requires four 3/8" carriage bolt sets. 2 3/4"W x 5"H. Four 9/16" holes om 3 1/2" centers.

J. Outside Corner, Female
This is identical to the Outside Corner End, except it has two 1/2" tabs which connect to a Male Outside Corner (K) to create a flexible joint between dock sections. No additional bolts required if used with an Inside Corner. 
Each leg is 10"L x 5"H.

D. Inside Corner with 2" Pipe Holder: This inside corner allows you to use pipe at each corner for anchoring. Dock will float up and down if water level changes. Used in combination with outside corners (E). Requires eight 3/8" carriage-bolt sets. 8 1/2"L x 5"H.

K. Outside Corner, Male: This is identical to the Outside Corner End, except it has a single 1/2" tab which connects to a Female Outside Corner (J) to create a flexible joint between dock sections. Does not require additional bolts if used with an inside corner. Each leg is 10"L x 5"H.
E. Outside Corner End: Used with Inside Corner to connect side stringers to end stringers, resulting in an absolutely square corner that won't come apart. No additional bolts required if used with Inside Corner (A). 10"L x 5"H. L. Piling Hoop and Roller Assembly: Intended for areas with lots of wind, current, or tidal action. Combines the Piling Hoop (N) and Roller Assembly (M) to make up-and-down movement easier. For pilings up to 12"dia.

F. Single T, Male: Used to connect finger dock to main walkway, and to attach dock sections to seawalls. Single 1/2" tab connects to Female Single T (G) or female Outside Corner (J) to allow articulation. Four bolt holes. 5"L x 5"H. Four 9/16" holes on 3 1/2" centers.

M. Heavy Duty Roller Assembly: Bracket and roller bolt directly to the Deck Plate (L) and can be added to aid up-and-down motion of the dock in areas with tidal action. 6" roller turns on a 5/8"dia. shaft. 3/8" bracket is hot dip galvanized.

G. Single T, Female: Used to connect finger docks to main walkway, and to attach dock sections to sea walls. Used with Male Outside Corner (K) or Male Single T (F) to allow articulation. 5"L x 5"H. Four 9/16" holes on 3 1/2" centers.

N. Heavy-Duty Piling Hoop: For pilings up to 12"dia. Constructed of 1 1/2" pipe and hot dip galvanized. Bolts directly to the side of the dock or to the optional Deck Plate (L)
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