Is Your Boat’s Trailer Jack Ready to Fold?

Trailer jacks are seldom thought of but an absolutely necessary component of your boat’s trailer. Depending on the loaded weight of the trailer, the amount of weight that the jack supports can be considerable. So unless you happen to be an Olympic power lifter, you might not be able to hook up if your trailer jack fails. Fortunately, we carry a wide range of jacks suitable for different boat weights, applications and environments to get you back on track quickly if your trailer’s jack bites the dust. Whether you use your boat in saltwater or freshwater, you'll find a trailer jack that is perfect for your specific needs at West Marine.

What to Consider When Buying a Trailer Jack

The trailer jack you choose must be rated to support the tongue weight of your trailer when loaded with your boat. We carry a variety of trailer jacks with the heaviest models capable of supporting tongue weights up to 5,000 pounds. You will also need to decide between a jack with a foot or a wheel. If your boat is too heavy to move around manually, then a jack with a foot will work well. If your boat is light enough, a jack with a caster-style wheel will allow you to move the trailer around, which can help when you are hooking the trailer up to the tow vehicle. Large diameter wheels tend to move more freely than small diameter wheels, especially over uneven terrain.

You should also consider where you use your boat. Saltwater boaters need jacks that are corrosion resistant. These can be powder-coated steel, anodized aluminum or zinc-plated steel. Other considerations include the amount of "travel", which is the jack’s up/down movement in inches and the maximum height of the jack. Whatever style you require, we most likely have a jack to meet your needs.

One additional consideration is the bolt-hole pattern of the jack’s mount and the tongue dimension to which it will fit. Our selection includes models designed to fit trailer tongues measuring 3"W x 3"H, 3"W x 4"H and 3"W x 5"H.

West Marine is here to help!

If you need a little help deciding which trailer jack is best for you, check out our West Advisor article Choosing a Trailer Jack or seek the advice of a West Marine associate at a store near you.