LED Post Guide Lights



Transport Your Boat Safely on the Road

Trailer lights are required by state and federal law and are your first line of defense to avoid collisions by making your trailer visible to others on the road. Transport your boat safely and keep your trailer “street legal” with our comprehensive selection of Department of Transportation (DOT) approved brake lights, turn signals, side markers and clearance lights.

Waterproof Lights for Your Trailer

Trailer lights are submerged and exposed to extreme temperatures throughout their life on your trailer. Our selection of lights feature waterproof cases to keep bulbs and connections safe and dry. Thermal shock is also a risk when hot incandescent bulbs are submerged in cold water when launching or retrieving your boat, but our selection of lights are built to keep thermal shock to a minimum.

All in One Kits to Upgrade Your Trailer Lighting System

Our selection of trailer lighting kits include everything you need for a complete overhaul of your trailer lighting system. We offer kits to fit virtually any size trailer with kits designed for trailers under and over 80 inches wide. Our kits also include butt splices with heat shrink tubing to keep connections dry.

Upgrade from Incandescent Lights

LED trailer lights activate instantly, and while a fraction of a second may not seem like much, it could be the difference between someone slamming into the back of your boat on the freeway or stopping in time. LED fixtures rarely need bulb changes and since they produce very little heat, are not susceptible to thermal shock when they are submerged during launch or retrieval. LED lights easily wire into the existing wiring on your trailer and select kits include a butt connector with heat shrink tubing to keep connections dry.

Multifunction Trailer Lights Make It Easy

Many trailer lights we carry incorporate stop, turn, tail and side lights all into a single unit. This makes replacing older incandescent lights much easier as many of your lights can be replaced with a single unit. Whether you are upgrading to new LED lights on your trailer or replacing a burned out incandescent bulb, we have what you need to meet DMV requirements and make your trailer visible on the road.

Need Help?

For more information on light requirements, check out our West Advisor article on Your Trailer’s Light System or ask one of our associates at your local West Marine store.