Automatic Identification System (AIS)

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Before proceeding, please note that you must have an assigned "Maritime Mobile Service Identity" (MMSI). Click here for details... Outside the U.S., users can obtain an MMSI assignment from their telecommunications authority or ship registry, often by obtaining or amending their ship station license. Canadians can obtain an MMSI from Industry Canada.

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MMSI Registrant

Warning: In order to proceed, your vessel must have an assigned "Maritime Mobile Service Identity" (MMSI). If you own a recreational boat or pleasure craft traveling in US domestic waters and do not have an MMSI, please go to to obtain an MMSI number online. This process is quick and free. If your boating takes you to international ports, you must obtain a Ship Station License and your MMSI number from the FCC. Please go to FCC Ship Station Licensing for instructions. Currently there is a fee for this license. If you believe that your vessel may not be a "recreational boat" due to use or size, this site will also provide information defining whether or not you will need a Ship Station License.

MMSI Information

Warning: It is a violation of the rules of the Federal Communications Commission to provide or program an MMSI that has not been properly assigned to the end user, or to otherwise provide inaccurate vessel information.

Intended GPS Antenna Position Information

Must be in meters. Round to nearest meter. (1 meter = 3.28 ft.)

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