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Regardless of the type of sailboat you own—a dinghy, day cruiser, large keelboat or high-tech racer—smooth-running, dependable blocks make line handling easier and help to maximize boat performance. Choose from our full selection of blocks for virtually every sailing task. Online and in our stores, you will find plain and ball bearing blocks in a wide variety of configurations, including single blocks, double blocks, triple blocks and quad blocks. Choices include fiddle blocks, snatch blocks, wire blocks, foot blocks, cheek blocks, fairlead blocks, stand-up blocks, traveler blocks and more.

The Best Selection of Sailboat Hardware with Service to Match

Need help with selecting a pair of genoa lead blocks? Are you considering upgrading your deck organizers? For these and other questions, West Marine associates are ready to help at a store near you. You will also find answers online among the West Advisor Articles here at