Ice Chests & Coolers

Whether you’re headed out on an epic journey or just a day on the water, don’t let a failed cooler be the story you bring back to civilization. From Hard Coolers to totes, backpacks & tactical duffels, Marine coolers are designed for adventures on-the-go.

Keep food and bait fresh with a cooler.

Boat coolers and ice chests are an integral part of the boating experience. For day cruising or an overnight voyage, coolers provide an ideal place to store food and beverages. Anglers commonly use them to store their catch and frozen bait. Your choice of a cooler should depend on the size of your crew, the duration of the outing or cruise and of course, your budget. An important consideration is the cooler’s ice keeping ability and the cooler’s durability. Roto- and injection-molded coolers offer the best durability, but at a higher price compared to blow-molded coolers. Features to look for in a cooler include shelves, a drain plug, dividers, trays and bins, which may be included to help you separate the cooler’s contents. One problem with coolers is the way melting ice fills coolers with water. To alleviate this problem, consider purchasing an ice substitute like Blue Ice. Blue ice does not create a puddle like block ice or ice cubes. Brands of coolers found online and in our stores include West Marine, Igoo, Pelican Products and Yeti.